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About Me

I'm a Husband, Father, and Advocate for American First Policies. I come from a poor but proud family, one that has been involved in public & military service in dedication to our country. I decided to run for Congress because I wanted the same change that everyday American's want.  I was tired of every politician continuing to fail our communities, our children, our families. 

These last few years have been tough on us all.  First with Covid and the restriction impacting our everyday lives, to being forced to lose work or even be terminated for simply not wanting to get the Jab.  Then, there's the Corporate woke corporations and mobs along with the MSM that began feeding us fake news and propaganda, attempting to remove God, our way of life and pushing CRT in our children's education and the LGBTQ agenda endangering our Women and Daughters across the country.  I've had enough of these Democratic policies. Send me to work for you, the people and not the swamp in D.C. 

We need to create and bring more business to Northwest Indiana where we can offer greater incentives than Chicago and incentives to benefit our local cities and rural communities in Congressional District 1, and improve the education in our schools, and make public safety in particular, a top priority to curb the ever-growing violent crimes plaguing our district that have spilled over from the Chicago region. Democratic policies in the northern district have failed Hoosiers for over 75 years. Let's make a change and take charge of NWI again and across America. I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.



Public school boards and administrations across the Hoosier State especially in Northwest Indiana and numerous cities around the country have failed to properly educate our children.  Instead of focusing on teaching our history as Americans, and how to futher grow our nation economically, they show our children, that we as parents, grandparents and the founding fathers are all evil and that we represent a hate unlike no other and we should deny ourselves of the liberty and rights as free people to appease those groups with which they have turned into victims.  A school board bent on eliminating the nuclear family and continuing to grow their socialist agendas.  We cannot give into the madness and we must reform Public School system with Parents leading the educational construct of Americanism.


An America First agenda has is and will always be what's best in the interests of our nation and our citizens on a national and international level; one where no other country will no longer be able to exploit our generosity, assistance nor come before our own responsibility here at home in the United States of America. In turn making our resilience through peace a global strength that is unmatched.


I have signed a sworn oath that once elected to congress my first function and goal would be to eliminate all Covid-19 Vax, and Mask Mandates, protocols & policies enacted to eliminate the freedoms of Americans. I will work with the America First caucus to bring back to the table Presidents Trumps Healthcare Reform Act which failed to garner support among RINOs and the Democratic Party in Congress, yet one that would benefit not only Hoosiers but every American across the nation, by making coverage more competitive allowing public & private recipients to choose alternative treatment options outside of their state expanding the role of coverage.


To follow through on President Trumps immigration reforms which were struck down by Democrats and RINO's during his administration.  We recognize that illegal brought into the country during their infancy had no control over what their respective family members were doing, and as set previously by President Trump' agenda, we must be able to give them an opportunity to properly and timely file the necessary documentation to seek residency.  However, what may apply to DACA illegals may not apply to those who violated our sovereignty by illegally crossing into the United States.  Those from far away countries that travelled by aviation will be immediately removed from the country, while those who have come from Mexico, Central and South America will be processed. 


During the last 70 years Northwest Indiana has been under Democrat control, and in those years since, crime has risen, from the Murder Rate to Theft and Drug use and other violent crimes; these criminal acts do not help our communities in any way, instead they drown our children with the violence and prospect of becoming accepted drug users. Democratic policies have never benefited anyone except democrats and their thirst for power by assuming the roles of keeping minority areas convoluted with disparage, deplorable living conditions and in a constant state of helplessness.  Their agenda never did any minority any good.  Our objectives should be in focusing on the importance of re-establishing the nuclear family and bringing father's back into the lives of children who need their guidance, love, discipline and stability that only a father can provide.  As a community and throughout America this has been our failure in policy and protection for what's in the best interests of our children and we need to change that.  We need to show Father's how important they are to their children's lives and that from the onset of conception and birth of a child they also have equally important God given roles of raising their children and not being forced by former significant others and the courts to become alienated from their children. I fully support 50/50 physical and legal custody as a matter of right for children and equality for all fathers as their God given rights. We should also include rural law enforcement policing programs that benefit the surrounding rural communities of larger cities and areas by working hand in hand for equal and proper funding of specialized programs via reprograming funds that are being misappropriated by other agencies. 


The United States is a Constitutional Republic and I believe it is important every American and Resident Immigrant understand that the ultimate law of the land is the U.S. Constitution, and that we are obligated to God & Country to uphold our nations laws.  Voter integrity is and will always be a priority to protecting the best interests and voices of the American People.  One of the top priorities in congress is to pass reforms that would eliminate elements of outside interference not only by other nations who seek to undermine our republic, but most importantly from within our own country via corporate enterprise involvement, political party establishments and the likes of social media and the MSM, who shuffled along dark money to various groups around the country during the 2020 elections to incite violence, chaos and steal an election by stuffing and shuffling inconsistent improper ballots and created ballot harvesting which has shown time and time again how in particular the liberal progressive communistic democratic leftists are capable of hijacking an election through misinformation but also because unlike foreign elements they knew that a weaken DOJ and FBI would never prosecute them for their crimes.

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