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Hi, My Name, is Ben Ruiz and I'm an America First MAGA Candidate running for the 1st congressional district of Indiana.  I am a husband, father and small business owner.  I majored in Political Science and Computer Science & Technology while at university.  While I could bore you with more about me, I'll get straight to the point.  Our country is being destroyed by communist democratic and woke policies.  Our American values, families, culture and presence in the world as a superpower lies in ruins.


I will work to continue to pass President Trumps America First legislation. My pledge to you my fellow Hoosiers and Americans throughout the country is to follow through with presenting and defending your rights and representing you in congress by listening to you without caving to the communist democrats and establishment RINO's. 


My first day in congress i will join other America First Congress Members in holding all those accountable for the violation of our constitutional and human rights.  Which means holding Fauci accountable and prosecuting him for crimes against the American People and Crimes against humanity. 


I will hold big tech, such as Google, Facebook & Twitter along with the MSM accountable for election interference and fraud.  I will work to impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and prosecute Hillary Clinton for treason. So, they can sit where they belong behind bars.  I would sponsor legislation to reverse every executive order signed by Biden and pushed by the democrats and allowed to pass the RINO's, which includes the removal of the authorization for childhood transgender surgery, reversing new gun legislation that would encroach on every American's 2nd amendment right.  Overturn any and all vaccine mandates placed by Biden and the democrats on Americans.  I would place action and call for a convention of states to decertify the 2020 election and pass sweeping legislation on election reforms to ensure election integrity to safeguard America families from foreign and domestic interference.  

While in congress i would also take action to pass legislation to eliminate and prohibit the addition of pork spending within bills and call for 2-week advance notice and open transparency to the public and congress before any bill can be voted on or passed.  I will help reverse bills passed by the current congress and help cut any spending approved by Biden and the democrats to any foreign countries currently exploiting our resources without a return or yield on investment in order to drop the inflation percentage.

I would introduce legislation protecting the 2nd amendment and issuing a blanket legislation making it lawful to nationally carry and conceal, while removing ATF and FBI database registration and prohibiting states to interfere or pass laws that violate Americans constitutionally protected 2nd Amendment rights.

I would also help to sponsor and co-sponsor any bill that would ban and eliminate any and all forms of abortion to protect the unborn children and the rights of the fathers to have an opportunity to raise those children.  In addition to protecting the unborn i would work to restructure the public-school education making sure that our children are being taught American History, Values and our culture properly and that no other subjects which can be construed as demeaning to our national sovereignty and origins, immoral and improper sexual exploitation and or a violation of one's faith is pushed and indoctrinated into our children, including taking action to protect American Women, Mothers, Wives, Daughters and our Grand Daughters from Transgender policies that put them in danger and risk.

I will sponser immigration reform and moratorium, where the congress for years has failed us, and working to expedidate the processing and deportation removal of millions of illegals that have crossed our borders with the help of the Biden administration. 


My commitment overall is not only to represent the best Interest of Hoosiers in Northwest Indiana but to also protect the very foundations of freedom, pride, family, and cultural Judeo-Christian values this nation was founded on.


So, this May 3rd, 2022, I would like your support in this Primary to help Take Back America.  Vote Ruiz for Congress!


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