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This campaign is not about me, but about you the Voters, Patriots and American's who in the past 2 years have endured sacrificed and lost their livelihood's, jobs, careers to the lefts WOKE Agendas, which have consistently attacked us from all levels of business, national media outlets, social media and our local, state and very own federal government.  Our children go to school now and are being taught that because the color of their skin, they are either inferior or that some are even at fault for some form of injustice in the past learning to hate a particular group, they are being indoctrinated into communism and identity politics while in our schools. Hoosiers and other Americans across the country are tired of being sold out, tired of the same old politics of promises and no action; both domestically and internationally.  They are tired of the RINO's who have consistently failed to ensure their obligations to us the constituency, to our great country and have instead opted to sit idlily by while allowing these Democratic Communist policies to continue to invade our communities and families throughout America. Click!! on Meet Ben to learn more.

Hoosier's, this is the time to show America our Voice and Stand in the front of the lines and fight back; we can no longer remain quiet we need to help every American take back our Country and make Indiana's voice heard as a beacon of hope and prosperity not only for Hoosiers but for every American.  Let's give back the power to the people to lead instead of BIG Government overreach. Let's support our local community's growth in business and safety, by ensuring our rural first responders have the tools and resources they need to tackle crime, drug abuse and most of all the violence that has plagued us since democrats have been in charge. On May 3rd, 2022, let your voices be heard and Vote for America First, VOTE BEN RUIZ IN CD-1!


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